In the middle of nowhere – photography



Sometimes, one of the best choices to leave behind the chaos, both outside and in your mind, is to disconnect a little – no internet, no phone signal, no nothing. We, as human beings, even though we’re described as social animals, feel the need to enjoy our own company for a while, without forced interactions or harmful social media scrolling (I definitely agree that it is really healthy to take a break from social media from time to time, like a detox). To keep ourselves sane means to slow down sometimes, don’t put pressure, breathe and be grateful. Mental health is really important and too often ignored, so the trio of stress, anxiety and depression is kinda fueled so well by the lack of time to focus on ourselves. Try to find that.




Being in this disconnected state of mind doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself in your room without any human contact. Take your loved one somewhere private, intimate, like in the woods, with no civilization or as close as possible to nature.


Voina is a region in Argeș County, where people won’t bother you, with a lot of silence and a little river. I’m not really into writing that much details about travelling, so you will have to discover it yourself. All I can say is that is a really nice place to breathe fresh air and be in the wilderness. And, also, spend some quality time with that special someone.



Like, just imagine – no cars, no shops, no phone use. Just almost peace and love.





Either way, here are some aesthetic pictures with/by me and my boyfriend, somehow the mountains’ kids. Like Heidi, but more dumb and cute.

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